Myra E Vita White Whitening Face Lotion Review

I’ve been really a fan of Myra E products. In fact, When Paula Taylor endorsed Myra E Vita White Lotion way back year 2008. I immediately bought one and try it. 

Myra E VitaWhite Whitening Face Lotion (now in new packaging)  contain the usual Vitamin E combined with ActiLightTM Complex and SPF15. ActiLightTM Complex is a natural ingredient derived from plant extracts. So it can whiten your skin from within without the peeling.

So it’s like an astringent without the peeling. So after washing my face, I apply Myra E VitaWhite Whitening Face Lotion on my face, at first I did feel a little sting, but nevertheless I continue to apply it. It is not sticky and easily absorbed by skin, so I had no difficulty in applying my make-up afterwards. And I don’t have to worry about the sun because it already has sunscreen or SPF15 as added feature. After the first 3 or 4 application it doesn’t sting anymore, and I didn’t get any skin irritation.

I applied Myra E VitaWhite Whitening Face Lotion in the morning and at night, and after a week, my face is whiter and has a certain glow. My friends do notice the effect on my face.

The Product:

***The cream is like creamy milk but not sticky. 

What I like about Myra e Vita White Facial Lotion?

  • Has ActiLightTM Complex derived from plant extracts to help lighten skin
  • With double sunscreen protection against UVA & UVB rays
  • Has SPF 15 for 15 times longer protection from the harmful effects of the sun
  • Enriched with Vitamin E and moisturizers
  • Dermatologist-tested. Mild, gentle, and safe for everyday use

Gently apply on face and neck after cleansing. For best results, use morning and evening. Can be used under make-up.

See the effect in near. haha. I used Myra E VitaWhite as a make up base. So glowing, isn't it?

Would I recommend Myra E Vita White Facial Lotion?

Yes! Definitely. It’s very affordable. Reasonably priced at only 105php for the 50 mL tube and 17.75 for 10mL sachet. Women can achieve healthy, white skin without breaking the budget.

With Myra E Vita White Whitening Face Lotion, women can bloomall the way to whiter and youthful skin the healthy and natural way.

So, Try it now! :)

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Stay Beautiful Inside and Out Everyone! :D

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Ann Margarette said...

I'm also using myra vita white as a cream only. tnx for the info. I might use it as make up base also. anyway, ate, bakit parang nakasimangot ka dyan? hehe sa photos mo?

Ms. Cecil said...

tnx sis. Yes, try it, ganda ng effect sa face.

(Nakasingamot ako jan kasi nasa picnic kami with my kid and husband. Yung baby ko, nagpapasaway, haha. nainis ako kasi nasisira mood ko magpa picture. hahahaha.& medyo sunny day... pag dating here sa hauz, 1 shot lng pala nakuha ng hubby ko sa myra vita white... :( I don't know nga why ganyan effect ng photos but you can see my face in near jan sa photos ko sa baba. ) :)

marites violeta said...

I will really try this one!

shermaine said...

Myra E Vita White Facial Lotion is the product i need to try. i have freckles on my face so its spf15 can help me protect my skin

Momee Gee said...

ma try nga.. :)

Roy Malik said...

Pwde ba to sa mga lalaki?

Leigh Me said...

does Myra E has a facial cleanser?

krissy said...

i will try it also tanx..

Silvia Jacinto said...

I really love your blog there's a lot to share. Keep it up.Visit my site too.

Asep S.M. said...

Very informative and thank you for sharing! I have to agree with you that natural skin treatments are better for our skin because they generally are safer and does not cause skin irritation. The common misconception most people have about charcoal is that they can cause skin darkening and does not realize the importance and help it can provide for our skin. skin bleaching

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