Mommy and Me-Time: What Do I Do to Take Care Myself?

"Being a full-time mom is one of the highest salaried jobs… since the payment is pure love."

Family is my top priority. That’s why I decided to resign in my recent job in an advertising agency to be a fulltime mom. (But I also do a part-time, online job now as a home based advocate.) Even I’m very busy in every household choirs,  I take an hour or even a few minutes here and there, and begin to learn new ways to build up our family bonding. A parent is the most important influence on our Child’s well-being.  Self-esteem, trust, and having fun are just a few benefits of spending time with our kids. Quality time with children came from love, laughter and an ability to turn ordinary moments into special ones.  So I make sure I’m there to guide her and witness her development and grow.

My Family
Being a full time mom is not an easy task, we are responsible for everything at home like taking care of the children which can be very stressful at times, cooking, cleaning, washing the dishes, do the laundry, ironing clothes, watering the plants, going to the grocery, etc. And we, full time moms, do all these for free, and for our love of our family. 

Spending time with family is important, but it doesn't have to destroy our schedule or I mean our treats to take care of our self. Mommies, especially full time moms need to destress.

What Do I do to take care myself? Here's mine:

  • Pamper myself in spa -- Getting a facial  spa and massage for sometime gives us moms a relaxation. Unwinding gives us energy for our next day duties for our family.
Watching Movie while having a massage
facial spa at blue water bay spa
  • Travel  -- Traveling is an unwinding activity too. A great escape to a city. We always go for a nature-related adventures. Spend sometime in an open air place and inhale some fresh air.
Island Hopping with my baby
  • Buy the latest fashion trends. haha. Well, Moms need to be up-to-date to the latest chic fashion trends too. It gives confidence to us. 

  • Spend sometime with my girlfriends -- chatting with friends and telling them our feelings for having a family helps a lot! Sometimes, in times of sadness, friends cheer us up!

  •  Get some execise -- Even I'm at home, I get some exercise with my big hopper ball. haha
  • I get a nail art for sometime -- it's a treat for our too tired hands.. :) oooppps! my fingers are so ugly. haha. Well, it's inborn..

  •  I take Vitamins -The last but not the least, I take care my skin with Unilab's Myra E Hand & Body Lotion, Myra E Vita white Face Lotion and Myra 400 E. Since I am not getting younger, I cannot avoid stress doing all the duties inside our home and the pollution that surrounds us,  I take Myra 400 E, an antioxidant to keep me young and healthy inside and out. This vitamins really works. It maintains my youthful look.

Take time for yourself. Do something that you enjoy. However, you cannot do something that causes you stress. Relax. Read a book. Get a massage. Listen to a relaxation CD. Take a Nap. Play Golf. Go swimming. Get a facial. Take a Drive. Soak in a bath. Go on a Hike. Take a Yoga Class.

Try it, you will like it, and if it is too difficult for you, may I suggest learning to meditate or relaxation techniques.

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Stay beautiful, stress-free and young fellas! :)

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