Myra E Hand & Body Lotion with Vitamin E Beads Review

I am very particular when it comes to lotions. And from the first time I have tried it, I have never gone astray. This brand of lotion I’m referring to is Myra E Hand and Body Lotion with Vitamin E beads. 

What’s great about Myra E is that you have other options in buying this brand of lotion. If you’re really particular with your budget and you cannot afford to buy the big bottle, you can do what I did. I just bought 4 small sachet every week. What’s good about it, for me, it very handy and I can bring it into my pouch.

I really loved the product. Not only did it smell good, but it’s not that so greasy on the skin. I have used one popular brand of lotion before and it might smell wonderful, but the greasy and sticky feeling is still felt after a few hours of applying it. 

With Myra E Hand and Body Lotion, there’s a little sticky feel to the skin but it doesn’t last long. After a while, your skin will feel silky and most importantly, you will smell so wonderful that your boyfriend or your husband will not even dare leave your side. 

I’ve been using Myra E Hand and Body Lotion for many months now. And I will still continue on using it, even the price will change. Not only does it smell good but it really makes the skin look alive and fresh. 

I’ve suffered from dry skin before especially on my arms and legs. But my feet are the most affected. Sometimes, the skin gets so dry that a minor mishap will leave my skin some wounds. But after using Myra E, my skin especially my feet looks normal now. You can really see the difference in just a few weeks. 

The Product:

***The visible color yellow dots are the Vitamin E beads that are really easily absorbed by our skin. 

What I like at Myra e Hand & Body Lotion?


  • It contains Vitamin E Beads that gently burst onto my skin.  Vitamin E helps protect & nourish skin
  • It has moisturizing agents, Dimethicone & Glycerin seal in my skin’s natural moisture preventing dryness
  • Helps keep my skin healthy, soft, & smooth to touch 
  • Safe and effective for all skin types 
  • Non-greasy & ideal for everyday use
  • It is Hypo- Allergenic and Dermatologist tested

During application

My skin feels silky, smooth and soft to touch after the application. And it looks good in camera.. :)


Apply onto your skin particularly on dry areas.  Use after every shower or bath.  For best results, use daily, in the morning and at night.

Would I recommend Myra E Hand & Body Lotion?

Definitely. Try this one! You'll be inlove in the first time you use it.. 

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Mavic said...

I have this and I love it!!

marites violeta said...

hi! I'm also an avid user of Myra products, Especially this Myra Hand and body Lotion. The smell is really great! I'm also suffering from a skin dryness, but by using this product it really helps. Although my skin not really a perfect hydrated, well at least it helps my skin to be not dry looking look.. Tnx for this!

beth said...

I love Myra Hand & Body Lotion. I agree with marites. it smells great.

Momee Gee said...

wow.. i never knew about it's result. well, i use other brand of lotion. since i read about this article, it so convincing that it must be tried out. well, i love it.. :)

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