Worry free from the damaging UV rays with SSS Soft and white Protect and enhance

Summer is here again!!! Because we can feel the heat, we really wanted to be refresh.  We’re planning for a Family Getaway which is nature-related adventure. Our destinations this summer vacation is going back to Camaya Coast in Mariveles, Bataan and to my hometown, Bicol and other provinces. The first on our summer getaway is of course travelling...

Even inside the car, I can't escape to that harmful sunrays

Totally exposed to the sun!!! 
Here is my  cool  way to refresh  this summer on vacation!

We’re longing for that splash of water. I’m gonna hit up the beach!!! The beach is one of the hottest and most fun places to go in the summer. We’ll gonna catch some rays and  fun in the sun! Me and my family will cool down this summer at Camaya Coast in Mariveles, Bataan. We’ve come there last summer and we’re planning to spend again our family bondings this summer  to that awesome beach.  A family trip here is at once classy and fun. We had a lot of activities like Island hopping, Boat riding, banana boat riding and of course swimming… Ohhh, I really can't forget this place!

Island Hopping with my baby

Boat riding with my kid
Banana boat riding

and of course, Swimming!

Fishing??? haha. It's the camaya coast beach. Has so clear water that even I can see fishes clearly.

School of Fish
Thirsty? grab this natural orange juice

We played here with my kid. She enjoy it a lot.

Our next destinations is my hometown – Bicol. We’re planning to visit again the majestic MayonVolcano and since me and my husband is both sporty, We’re going to the famous CWC (Camarines Sur Wakeboarding Complex) in the Philippines. :D

kasing init ng mayon volcano ang sun rays! haha

This summer vacation wakeboarding is my summer class. 
here's my husband! He loves kayaking!

Now that its summer time– meaning it is the festival season here in the country. Sureness, my mother will pushed me again to join Mrs. santacruzan in our province!! We'll walk in the street under the sun.

We'll be watching pilgrimage especially this summer vacation is also a Holy Week.

Sinakulo every summer
Watch different festivity this summer.

kaamulan festival at Bukidnon

It is a time of a merry activities and laughter.

All of this activity is exposed in the sun. Moderate exposure to the sun has a beneficial impact, including the production of vitamin D by the body; but excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays has detrimental health effects, including possible sunburn and even skin cancer. To avoid sunburn,  I take sunscreen with SPF with me everyday. This will prevent sunburn and decrease the risk of getting skin cancer. I always remember to wear sunscreen, even under my clothing, since most materials will allow UV light to penetrate through it. 

I use AVON ANEW 360 degrees white protective cream SPF 20/PA++ for my face  that provides deep and effective moisturization throughout the day while whitening my skin and brings wide spectrum protection from UVA/UVB  and AVON SSS Skin-So-Soft soft and white protect & enchance whitening hand and body lotion that boost my skin’s lightening process with a dual whitening system, It has an advanced formula containing SPF 12 helps protects the skin against the darkening and damaging UV rays for longer lasting fair skin. And helps control the fairness level of the skin by reducing the production of dark toned pigments, while increasing the production of light toned pigments. Because it provides up to 12x sun protection & whitens my skin in 7 days with its Dual whitening System I can beat the sun’s heat! 

My sunscreen Avon anew and Avon SSS

As the sun shines, so should your white skin with Avon’s Skin so Soft (SSS) Soft and White Protect and Enchance Whitening Hand and Body Lotion. This is really we must have this summer. 

What about you, what's your better way to cool off during an unbearably hot summer day? Make sure you bring SSS Soft & White Enhance & protect Lotion. :D

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Contest: Shen's 3rd blog anniversary giveaway!

Join Shen’s addiction 3rd Anniversary Giveaway and get a chance to  win some fabulous prizes from brands like ....

Pond's, Bobbi Brown, Avon,  Kiehl's, Ellana, The Body Shop, Kerastase, Neautrogena, House of Obagi, Revlon, Sakura Bella, One Naturales, Clinelle, Maybelline, L'oreal Paris, L'oreal Professionel, Myra and more!!!...

For Mechanics and further information for the contest Click Via this LINK.

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SMART Bro’s Broadbandest Blowout

Being a full time mom and a stage mom, Blogger and a Home based brand Advocate, I had a very busy schedule. That’s the reason why I choose to have a personal broadband connection way back year 2009 to make my job and articles to do anytime, anywhere.

My personal broadband is Smart Bro USB  plan 999. At September 26, 2009, When Ondoy destruct Manila Area specially here in Marikina, I was so traumatic for being trapped in the 2nd floor of our house and depressed for losing our things. Three of our laptops are destructed by the flood. But there’s something small that still keep on going --- My Smart Bro!!! I try to let it dry. We bought a desktop computer and try it. Fortunately, Until now I’m still using it.  I thought it was the end  of the world. All that I can say is me and my smart bro are both survivor of that destructive typhoon Ondoy. 

Typhoon Ondoy destruct Marikina Area

Smart Bro is very useful for me. This small thing can also be helpful for us when in emergency in terms of communication. It Gives me a fast internet connection, Connects me with the family & barkada's. Anywhere, anytime! Being connected in flexi time and place that really benefits me as a person who’s always on the go! I use it at home, at mall, at the car, etc.. 

With Smart Bro, I can do a lot activities in web in just minutes, upload photos immediately, send message, watch video without buffering,  pass my reports to my clients, share events to others, etc.

Smart Bro is Smart Communication’s high-speed broadband Internet service that uses the nationwide network of Smart to wirelessly connect computers to the World Wide Web – even if you’re beyond the reach of a phone line.


The SMART Bro USB modem is a small, palm-sized device that you can carry with you wherever you go. And anytime you need to surf, just plug it into the USB port of your PC, and you’ll get connected in a flash.

The SMART  Broadband
network uses lower frequencies, which improve the quality of the radio signals, extending coverage and enabling rapid deployment. This makes it easier to provide mobile broadband in remote areas and improves indoor coverage in urban areas.

Wasn’t it great when your internet connection ran wonderfully fast? Smart Bro's has a Broadbandest Blowout now! Well, well well,  Now is the best time to subscribe to SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 because of all the amazing freebies below. The offer may not happen again so you have to grab the opportunity now.

Freebies for subscribing to this plan are the following:

a.       Free All-In-One HP Printer
b.       FREE Call & Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6 months subscription
c.       Free 1 month broadband subscription

  • With the SMART BRO Unlimited Home broadband, you will get consistent surf speed and stable signal.
  • The Smart BRO Unlimited Home broadband promo is from March 4 to June 4, 2011
          So what are waiting for? Book yours now!

For further inquiries about the promo, you may visit the nearest SMART Wireless Center or any SMART BRO accredited agents.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1871, Series of 2011.

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Bicolana's Favorites l Chicken Bicol Express

Chicken Bicol express is a variant of the original Bicol express. Bicol express is a stew made from long chilies ("sili" in Tagalog) coconut milk, shrimp paste or stockfish, onion, pork, and garlic. Its a popular Filipino dish in tradition of the Bicolanos.We, Bicolano's and Bicolana's are really Hot and we really like sizzling Hot!

Full Recipe




2 ½ Tbsp oil
3 tsp chopped garlic
1/3 cup chopped onions
3 Tbsp chopped ginger
¼ cup red bell pepper, sliced diagonally into ¼” strips
½ cup *bagoong alamang
2 ½ cup coconut cream
150 gm  Chicken and CHICKEN LIVER, chopped
½ cup finger chili, sliced diagonally into ¼” strips (may remove seeds to reduce spiciness)



In a pan, heat oil and saute onions until translucent. Add garlic then ginger. Let sauté until fragrant. Add Chicken Pulutan Mix and cook for 5 minutes. Add red bell pepper and bagoong alamang. Stir until chicken is completely covered by the mixture for about 8 - 10 minutes. Add coconut cream, chicken liver and finger chili. Let simmer for 10 – 15 minutes until mixture is slightly thick. 

Makes 3 – 4 servings.


  • If bagoong alamang is too salty, soak in water and drain for 2 or 3 times. 
  • Rubbing the chicken with lemon juice and then poach in water containing lemon juice or white wine vinegar will help to keep the flesh of the meat white when cooked.
  • Cutting meat across the grain will produce slices with shorter fibers, resulting in more tender pieces
  •  Avoid removing the cover to the pot during the cooking process. This will allow heat and steam to escape, resulting in extended cooking times.
  • Cook to the proper temperature, because undercooking the chicken will cause it to be tough and overcooking the chicken causes loss of moisture, making the chicken drier.

Guys, It's my entry for BOB's Banquet. Be a fan of  BOB's Banquet for more info and updates.

BOB's Buffet primarily caters to intimate parties with a minimum of 30 guests.

It offers an array of simple and mostly requested party dishes arranged in a tastefully elegant buffet set-up at a minimal cost.
They are located here near us...Marikina, Philippines, 1811

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ProjectVanity.com is giving away Inches Off Instant Body Shaper

If you’re one of those with the unwanted swags of loosely hanging skin in the most undesirable places, INCHES OFF does the trick! A collection of seamless instant body shapers, it provides firm control compression. With a pair of Inches Off shapewear, you will appear to have lost weight instantly. Your clothes will hang much better and have a visibly smoother silhouette. Best when you want a little extra smoothing and shaping at the tummy, midriff, hips, thighs and rear when wearing close-fitting blouses, dresses, pants and skirts. So comfortable that you can wear it every day all day long! 

Good news to us girls coz ProjectVanity.com is giving away this Inches Off shapewear! 

Our Inches Off Tummy Flattener Firm Control Panty is so incredibly comfortable for your everyday use you forget it’s shaping you! The full panty has a high waistband for excellent maximum tummy control for your “puson” while providing full back coverage and shaping of your rear with its unique butt pockets.

Inches Off High Waist Tummy Flattener Firm Control Panty is the perfect combination of maximum zoned compression technology and comfort. This under-bust full panty is a guilt free luxurious treat any woman can enjoy everyday, all day! Comfortably eliminates love handles, muffin top bulges and offers maximum firm tummy control to provide a smooth silhouette and accentuate your waistline to make you look better and slimmer in your clothes. Ideal for every occasion when you want to wow!
Need a perfect ready to wear solution to tame your tummy and master your thighs? Inches Off’s High Waist Tummy Tucker and Thigh Slimmer style creates an hourglass silhouette and provides all over smoothing and shaping. Tuck your tummy and reduce cling with this comfortable yet powerful, super sleek mid-thigh shaper. No visible panty line in your favorite skirts, pants and dresses.
Want to get your very own slimming underthings?  Here's how to win:


1. (Must-do) On this Facebook album, like and tag yourself in the photo of the Inches Off product that you want to win. This is equivalent to one entry.
2. (Optional) For more entries, leave a comment telling us why you picked that particular product for yourself (+1 entry) and blog about the contest (+3 entries).
3. Deadline of entries is on March 22. Winners will be chosen by Inches Off via random.org.

Good luck Everyone!

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Win this Little Miss Princess Giveaway!

Ola! Mommies! Little  Miss Princess will be giving away another Fabulous Prizes on her 3rd giveaway  that  I’m sure your little princess will love it. 

” Every girl Deserves to be a Princess, Join now! and WIN this” 

Miss Princess Dress up Set , Ages 3+

Prizes are:
1 Pink Tutu Skirt
1 Pink Butterfly Wand
2 Pink Butterfly Bracelet
1 Pink Flower Bracelet
1 Pair of Pink Princess Sandals 1 inch. high

(2 Dora items)
1 Dora Cologne
1 Dora Body Powder

Then, you know the drill:

1. Follow  on Google Friend Connect
3. Place her giveaway button on your sidebar
4. Blog about her  giveaway
4. Leave a comment on her blog why you want to WIN.
5. For Further Information Visit her blog: http://www.charlottev.com/2011/03/07/miss-princess-giveaway-preview/

Super easy right? The contest ends in March 28, 2011.

Goodluck Everyone! 

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Workshop on Pre-Natal Journey

In Cooperation with Baby Company and Ainon Baby, A Baby Care Fun Day Event at SM Cubao was held yesterday March 12, 2011 titled "A workshop on Pre Natal Journey>"

Dr. Aileen Mae Yamsy, speaker of the workshop, discussed different topics about pregnancy such as Prenatal medical care and nursing care recommended for women before, during and after pregnancy and Facts and Fallacy during the pregnancy of a women.

                                           Dr. Aileen Mae Yamsy discussed topics about pregnancy

                                          Mommy attendee asked questions to Dr. Mae Yamsy

                                           Baby Ainon Mascot danced on the stage

Thank You for the giveaways! :)

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Dazzling fashion style in Sparkle!

Fashionistas? Anyone?

Looking for something to go with your clothings yet you can't find the right one?

Here’s an online shop that provide all the current fashion and trends online for you to access. Stay on top of the latest fashion trends from the runway to the street. Dress for your body and look great!

Sparkle Shop is a Philippine-based online website that caters to all fashionable women around the globe. They  have the most up-to-date, most affordable and  the most complete widest range of fashionable Asian apparels you ever find in any website. The online shop was founded in Quezon City, Philippines by  Carizza Chua and it was officially opened on October 17, 2007.

Find the latest in Korean and Japan fashion clothing and accessories, including tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, accessories, lenses, shoes and more. You can easily mix any items, designs from their online store www.mysparkleshop.com

                                                                                           Tokyo Fashion style clothes

                                                                                               Office Look
bags for men

3 toned lenses

                                                                                              Tokyo Fashion Shoes

                                                                               ETUDe House precious mineral BB cream 50g

                                                                                     Sparkle Shop featured in Stella Mag

For This Month, They will be giving away these red striped nautical shoes in size 8! (in 23.5cm length; worth P1450 retail price) Visit Sparkle Shop Fan page in facebook for more details. 

Get this looks and apparels at Sparkle Shop and www.mysparkleshop.com.

Like Sparkle at Facebook for more updates and behind the shop photos.
See the latest Japanese fashion styles in Tokyo.
Take a look at their Best Seller items
Get to know more about the seller!


Contact Info: 

email at: info@mysparkleshop.com

Mobile No.: (0906) 400 - 5528

Happy Shopping!!

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