Worry free from the damaging UV rays with SSS Soft and white Protect and enhance

Summer is here again!!! Because we can feel the heat, we really wanted to be refresh.  We’re planning for a Family Getaway which is nature-related adventure. Our destinations this summer vacation is going back to Camaya Coast in Mariveles, Bataan and to my hometown, Bicol and other provinces. The first on our summer getaway is of course travelling...

Even inside the car, I can't escape to that harmful sunrays

Totally exposed to the sun!!! 
Here is my  cool  way to refresh  this summer on vacation!

We’re longing for that splash of water. I’m gonna hit up the beach!!! The beach is one of the hottest and most fun places to go in the summer. We’ll gonna catch some rays and  fun in the sun! Me and my family will cool down this summer at Camaya Coast in Mariveles, Bataan. We’ve come there last summer and we’re planning to spend again our family bondings this summer  to that awesome beach.  A family trip here is at once classy and fun. We had a lot of activities like Island hopping, Boat riding, banana boat riding and of course swimming… Ohhh, I really can't forget this place!

Island Hopping with my baby

Boat riding with my kid
Banana boat riding

and of course, Swimming!

Fishing??? haha. It's the camaya coast beach. Has so clear water that even I can see fishes clearly.

School of Fish
Thirsty? grab this natural orange juice

We played here with my kid. She enjoy it a lot.

Our next destinations is my hometown – Bicol. We’re planning to visit again the majestic MayonVolcano and since me and my husband is both sporty, We’re going to the famous CWC (Camarines Sur Wakeboarding Complex) in the Philippines. :D

kasing init ng mayon volcano ang sun rays! haha

This summer vacation wakeboarding is my summer class. 
here's my husband! He loves kayaking!

Now that its summer time– meaning it is the festival season here in the country. Sureness, my mother will pushed me again to join Mrs. santacruzan in our province!! We'll walk in the street under the sun.

We'll be watching pilgrimage especially this summer vacation is also a Holy Week.

Sinakulo every summer
Watch different festivity this summer.

kaamulan festival at Bukidnon

It is a time of a merry activities and laughter.

All of this activity is exposed in the sun. Moderate exposure to the sun has a beneficial impact, including the production of vitamin D by the body; but excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays has detrimental health effects, including possible sunburn and even skin cancer. To avoid sunburn,  I take sunscreen with SPF with me everyday. This will prevent sunburn and decrease the risk of getting skin cancer. I always remember to wear sunscreen, even under my clothing, since most materials will allow UV light to penetrate through it. 

I use AVON ANEW 360 degrees white protective cream SPF 20/PA++ for my face  that provides deep and effective moisturization throughout the day while whitening my skin and brings wide spectrum protection from UVA/UVB  and AVON SSS Skin-So-Soft soft and white protect & enchance whitening hand and body lotion that boost my skin’s lightening process with a dual whitening system, It has an advanced formula containing SPF 12 helps protects the skin against the darkening and damaging UV rays for longer lasting fair skin. And helps control the fairness level of the skin by reducing the production of dark toned pigments, while increasing the production of light toned pigments. Because it provides up to 12x sun protection & whitens my skin in 7 days with its Dual whitening System I can beat the sun’s heat! 

My sunscreen Avon anew and Avon SSS

As the sun shines, so should your white skin with Avon’s Skin so Soft (SSS) Soft and White Protect and Enchance Whitening Hand and Body Lotion. This is really we must have this summer. 

What about you, what's your better way to cool off during an unbearably hot summer day? Make sure you bring SSS Soft & White Enhance & protect Lotion. :D

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akiakat15 said...

weh! ang ganda! panalo na! yehey! balato ha..hihi! sma kami sa beach ni kia..hehe!

Ms. Cecil said...

sureness sis! papa book ko kayong 2 ni Kia. :D

Janus Paul said...

nice! sarap tlga magtravel diba.

Liza @ Dave said...

Gud pm! nakakatuwa kayong pamilya, masaya kayo sa pamamasyal ninyo at tsaka ang gaganda ng mga pinuntahan ninyong lugar. nakakarelax at nakakarefresh ng isip. Lalong nakakamiss ang dagat.

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