SMART Bro’s Broadbandest Blowout

Being a full time mom and a stage mom, Blogger and a Home based brand Advocate, I had a very busy schedule. That’s the reason why I choose to have a personal broadband connection way back year 2009 to make my job and articles to do anytime, anywhere.

My personal broadband is Smart Bro USB  plan 999. At September 26, 2009, When Ondoy destruct Manila Area specially here in Marikina, I was so traumatic for being trapped in the 2nd floor of our house and depressed for losing our things. Three of our laptops are destructed by the flood. But there’s something small that still keep on going --- My Smart Bro!!! I try to let it dry. We bought a desktop computer and try it. Fortunately, Until now I’m still using it.  I thought it was the end  of the world. All that I can say is me and my smart bro are both survivor of that destructive typhoon Ondoy. 

Typhoon Ondoy destruct Marikina Area

Smart Bro is very useful for me. This small thing can also be helpful for us when in emergency in terms of communication. It Gives me a fast internet connection, Connects me with the family & barkada's. Anywhere, anytime! Being connected in flexi time and place that really benefits me as a person who’s always on the go! I use it at home, at mall, at the car, etc.. 

With Smart Bro, I can do a lot activities in web in just minutes, upload photos immediately, send message, watch video without buffering,  pass my reports to my clients, share events to others, etc.

Smart Bro is Smart Communication’s high-speed broadband Internet service that uses the nationwide network of Smart to wirelessly connect computers to the World Wide Web – even if you’re beyond the reach of a phone line.


The SMART Bro USB modem is a small, palm-sized device that you can carry with you wherever you go. And anytime you need to surf, just plug it into the USB port of your PC, and you’ll get connected in a flash.

The SMART  Broadband
network uses lower frequencies, which improve the quality of the radio signals, extending coverage and enabling rapid deployment. This makes it easier to provide mobile broadband in remote areas and improves indoor coverage in urban areas.

Wasn’t it great when your internet connection ran wonderfully fast? Smart Bro's has a Broadbandest Blowout now! Well, well well,  Now is the best time to subscribe to SMART BRO Unlimited Home Broadband Plan 999 or 1995 because of all the amazing freebies below. The offer may not happen again so you have to grab the opportunity now.

Freebies for subscribing to this plan are the following:

a.       Free All-In-One HP Printer
b.       FREE Call & Texts with SMART Gold Lite Plan 300 for 6 months subscription
c.       Free 1 month broadband subscription

  • With the SMART BRO Unlimited Home broadband, you will get consistent surf speed and stable signal.
  • The Smart BRO Unlimited Home broadband promo is from March 4 to June 4, 2011
          So what are waiting for? Book yours now!

For further inquiries about the promo, you may visit the nearest SMART Wireless Center or any SMART BRO accredited agents.

Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 1871, Series of 2011.

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stuckwith3 said...

nice sis!:))

Charlotte's Mom said...

Im a Smart Bro user too sis haha....mine is plan 999 with the antenna 2 mbps. its really fast, but my smart bro stick is quite slow here in our area so i never u use my smart bro usb stick.

crazyme said...

hmmm...i just might get one for myself. thanks for posting this, cecil!

Ms. Cecil said...

hi charlotte's mom, yes, mabilis tlaga yung smart bro with antenna, itong smart bro usb ko, tagal n kasi ito haha. Pinamana sakin ng friend ko year 2009. buti nga umandar pa khit nabasa. sa outdoor ko ito madalas gamitin.. :)

Ann Margarette said...

SMARTBRO 999 - is the amazing wireless broadband internet service from Smart that is multiple times faster than dial-up and no need to dial-up to an ISP, nationwidest coverage, no need for a phone line, guaranteed free and fast installation, always on and unlimited broadband.

Merry Jane Ocol said...

want to grab one for speed and fast connection

beth said...

wow! makapag avail nga nito.. :)

feigh said...

wow! great promo..time to switch..hehe ;)

yodz said...

I'm an Ondoy survivor too - Montalban Area. Luckily my laptop was at my boarding house in Manila when the flood strike.
I was able to immediately share photos of our house to our family and relatives in the province via my smartbro.
They all immediately send clothes and stuff to us.
It's always nice to be connected. SmartBro-Awesome!

Ms. Cecil said...

hi yodz, tnx for drop bying here in my blog site. wow! preho pala tayo.. I'm residing here in concepcion marikina. Me, my 8mos old baby, sister, neice and my mother who was stroked that time, was trapped in the 2nd floor of our house. I called my husband, trapped din pla sa Bayan, the emergency hotline is busy kasi marami rin humihingi ng tulong. A teenager guy help us. nakarating kmi ng 5pm na sa evacuation at violet na baby ko sa lamig... :( All of our things and money was lost because of the flood. Too much depression that day, my sister from abroad arrived here in manila that Ondoy day, but unfortunately,dahil nga nagkakagulo mga tao, the baggage and the cash was left in taxi and sad to say we're not able to find the taxi driver, he didn't went to the tv channels or radio para mag inform na may nakaiwan ng gamit sa taxi nya. It's almost 180,000++ pasalubong and cash ang nandun.. Wala kming maisuot, walang makain, walang matulugan, walang mainom, my baby sick because the environment talaga is sooo kadiri, nakituloy kmi for 3 houses na iba iba.. :( But the most important is we're alive.. Too much sad experience that September 26, 2009.....

halojin said...

hello mS.cecil! ang cute mo naman po! ai wwhat i mean ang cute ng entry mo din hehe ^___^ GOD BLESS po! sana manalo ka!

Ms. Cecil said...

@halogin, thank you for drop bying also here in my blog site. haha. thank you. :D

aida said...

Im a smart bro user before but then we decided to switch it to smart broadband. hassle free. Smart is simply the best! Good choice sis cecil! goodluck! nice entry!

Joni A. said...

Wow, its time to switch Smartbro!

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