Make Up Tips with my Ever Bilena Items

Maybe we can't all be as beautiful as Sooo much beautiful. But always remember two things: every woman is already beautiful, and every woman can be even more beautiful! It's simply a question of appreciating yourself, highlighting your natural beauty to project your own self-image, letting it shine through, and then finding out what happens next! Remember: every woman defines her own beauty.

All women deserve to be appreciated, respected, and admired. When a woman improves her appearance, an amazing thing happens. People begin to pay attention to her, listen to her, seek her company, ask her opinion. She becomes more confident, and this makes her look even better!

Make-up can cover our imperfections and accentuate our best features and gives us improvement on our appearance.

For Today, I'll be giving a Make Up Tips with the help of my Ever Bilena Items and watch out for the difference. So Here we go...

  • Secret to a natural, flawless look

Apply Ever Bilena Make-up Foundation (Beige) to your cheeks, forehead, and chin using a foundation brush, sponge, or clean fingertips. Blend the foundation all the way to your natural hairline with long, light strokes.
During application

With Ever Bilena Make Up Foundation ( Beige)
Tip: Choose the shade of your foundation carefully. When testing out shades, pick one that matches the tone of your jawline exactly. It helps to use a mirror outdoors to see how shades look in natural light. You can choose Ever Bilena Make up Foundation from oriental, natural, beige or golden.

  • Hide imperfections

Concealer is more dense than foundation, allowing fuller coverage of trouble spots and hyperpigmentation (red areas). It can be used over foundation or on it own, and has greater staying power. Since the skin under our eyes is more transparent, it tends to look dark, especially at the inner corner near the bridge of the nose. To even out the tone, concealer is a must. Use Ever Bilena Make up Stick, gently pat over dark under-eye circles (don't sweep it across the entire area), then blend with your ring finger. (You can also use Ever Bilena Concealer Stick)

Tips:  To cover trouble spots and imperfections, apply a thicker Ever Bilena Make up Stick onto the blemish or flaw. Then lightly press with a makeup sponge.

  • Getting an all-day flawless finish
Ever Bilena Advance Two-Way Cake(White Beige) will give your face a velvety, more natural finish. It also provides smooth blending for any eye makeup or blush to follow. Can be use wet or dry.

Tips: To maintain a flawless finish throughout the day, apply Ever Bilena Advance Two Way cake as wet and then use it as a pressed powder(dry).

  • Creating the sophisticated look
In gradiation effect, From EB Advance Cream Eyeshadow, use from the lightest shade to darkest towards the lashline. 

Tips: When choosing an eyeshadow shade, keep in mind that a pastel shade will look softer while a darker shade will appear more dramatic when applied.

Applying Careline Eyeshadow Powder in Pearl White

Open Eyes Tips: Apply Careline Eyeshadow Powder in Pearl White as a Highlighter in the corner of the eye, just below the eyebrow and finish with just a touch in the middle of the eye.(above photo)

Tips: Apply Ever Bilena Glitter Eyeliner in (Navy)  in your upper lid taut, apply it from the middle of the eye to the outside corner of the eye. The outer edge of the line should be thicker than the inside. For more open eye look, make the line 3-4 mm longer and upwards at the end of the eye corner.

Application of EB Eyeliner Dual (Black/Blue)
Application of EB Color Pencil in Brown

Tips: After applying Ever Bilena Color Pencil in Brown, Brush with an eyebrow brush and apply eyebrow gel to keep stays in place.  

Application of EB Mascara in Blue

 Tips: Place the Ever Bilena Mascara very close to the roots and pull the brush up in a zigzag movement in the tips of your lashes.
  • Apply a powder Blush
Blush is a part of make up which is very much suggested by the beauty experts as it enhances the shape of your face by making it feel fresh and healthy. Use Ever Bilena Blush Me! Blusher Crazy because it gives a natural looks.

Tips:Brush the Ever Bilena Blush Me! blusher over your cheeks in a very gentle circular motion focusing on the Apples of your cheeks and dusting a little towards your temple.

  • Beautify your lips
 Define and accentuate the shape of your lips with Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick.

Tips: Stay on and inside your base as you apply Ever Bilena Matte Lipstick. For plumper lips, apply a bit of Ever Bilena Jolie Lip Plumper Lipgloss. You can also use Ever Bilena Extreme Plus Lipstick with Lipliner--  coz applying lip liner is a great way to define and accentuate the shape of your lips, but also it keeps your lipstick from feathering.

The Result:

Hope you like my simple make over... :)

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