Spending Time with Your Family

Family is our top priority. Spending time with  family is important, but it doesn't have to destroy our schedule. Take an hour or even a few minutes here and there, and begin to learn new ways to build up our family bonding. A parent is the most important influence on our Child’s well-being. So We make sure we’re there to guide her and witness her development and grow.  Self-esteem, trust, and having fun are just a few benefits of spending time with our kids. Quality time with children can come from love, laughter and an ability to turn ordinary moments into special ones.

Me and my Husband always make sure that We spend a quality time with our daughter. We eat together our meals inside our home and do a food trip or a picnic at least once a week. We pray together before we sleep so my child will grow more closely to God. Since My husband and I both love reading, my daughter’s favorite activity outside is reading her favorite Disney Character Story. It will help my child to develop a love of books and will expand her knowledge and vocabulary.

My Baby KC enjoying,listening of her favorite Disney Character Story

Spending time together at Mums & Tubs Year Ender Event for Kids, We we're able to enjoy and unwind because we had a free rides at Fun Ranch.
We always eat together inside the house, a picnic or even just a foodtrip outside. Eating while chatting on how's the whole day for us, eating together brings smile to our baby.
My kid is always on the go on our events.  We always bring her to bond with her even it's for an adult event
Attends Family Day and listen to Parenting Seminars last week. ( oooppppssss Host po yan.. hehe)

My daughters I Love My Family artwork  won as special award.

Activities that We do with our Child that solidify our bond with her,  and help create a strong sense of self-esteem for us..

1. We find ways to speed up household tasks so that we can do fun things together, or better yet, we make chore time "family time". We play a fun music and get the housework done together although my kid can’t do it right.. haha. Her favorite music is “Baby” by Justine Bieber  When My daughter starts to dance, we laugh and our tiredness will be gone..

2. We find activities that can be done together as a family. Some of the best things to do together don't cost a great deal of money. For example,  watch a family movie together inside the sala, make a  homemade tickets. Your children would enjoy your living room being transformed into a movie theater.  We do this and we’re all enjoying. Me and my husband feel that we’re still youngs.

3. Kids also loves Camping or “Bahay Bahayan”  Make  a tent in the living room using old sheets and blankets strung across chairs and "camp out".

4. Art time is always fun time, Me, husband and our daughter always have time to put our pictures in scrapbooks and photo albums chatting about favorite moments. Family Crayon Time (get some paper and crayons out and all make art together).

Invest a small amount of time into our lives of our children by spending together. Life can be so busy that we often miss out on opportunities for fun with our family that we can never get back, so be creative in your search for fun and adventure. 

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